JetNet 7310G Industrial 10 ports Gigabit Managed PoE Switch

The JetNet 7310G is an pure Gigabit Managed Switch with 8 ports Gigabit Ethernet plus IEEE 802.3at PoE/PSE function, and 2 Gigabit SFP for Gigabit Ethernet fiber connection. The Switch system offers 240W system PoE Power budget with 35W forwarding capability in each port with high power input. The Switch system’s housing is designed with one pieces of heat-sink to dissipate heat when perform high power PoE for DOME IP Camera, Wireless AP. It also provides excellent heat dissipation, even working in road-side cabinet, it still can deliver high power to far-end PoE-PDs. It also adopts comprehensive Layer-3 IP routing feature with brilliant Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility testing level carried out the ability for the Railway Track –Side surveillance.

JetNet 7310G Industrial 10 ports Gigabit Managed PoE Switch

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports ,2 Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports

  • 8 IEEE802.3at PSE with 240W PoE Power forwarding capability

  • Non-Blocking, High Speed Network Switching  Fabric

  • Network Redundancy – MSR (Multiple Super Ring),ITU-T G.8032 ERPS, RSTP, MSTP, Super Chain

  • Fully Device Management – SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, Web UI, Telnet and Local Console

  • Friendly Device and Network Topology recovery utility – Korenix View, Korenix NMS

  • Advanced Cyber Network Security –MAC security, IEEE 802.1x Port Based access control , IEEE 802.1x Radius Server authentication, 802.1x MAB, Distributed Denial of Service, IP Source Guard, Denial of ARP Inspection

  • Layer 2 Network Performance – IEEE802.1Q VLAN, Private VLAN, Trunk, Packet Filtering, DHCP Server/Client, Traffic Prioritize, Rate Control

  • Layer 3 Network Routing Protocols – Static/Dynamic Route, VLAN Routing, Multicast Routing

  • Advanced Layer 2 plus packet filtering (ACL) for field site network security

  • Hardware Watchdog for System Auto-Recovery

  • High Level Electromagnetic interference immunity

  • IP Surveillance solution with NEMA-TS2 characteristic

  • Railway Track Side EN50121-4 compliance

  • High Operating Temperature – -40~75°C

  • Redundant wide range power input- DC 46~57V



IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet

IEEE 802.3ab 1000 Base-T

IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet Fiber

IEEE 802.3x Flow Control and Back-pressure

IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS)


IEEE 802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Protocol (LACP)

IEEE 802.1x Port Based Network Access Protocol IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet


Switch Technology

Store and Forward Technology with Non-Blocking 20Gbps Switch Fabric

CPU performance

32 bits CPU with Hardware based Watch-dog timer with 10S reset timer

System Memory

32MBytes flash ROM, 256M bytes system RAM

Transfer packet size

64 bytes to 9K bytes Jumbo Frame

MAC Address Table


Packet Buffer

1.5MBytes shared memory for packet buffer with intelligent memory management unit for burst data traffic

Transfer performance

14,880pps for Ethernet and 148,800 for Fast Ethernet, 1488,100 for Gigabit Ethernet


Management Interface

Telnet with SSH, Web Browser with SSL, SNMP V1/V2c/V3 with SNMP Trap (up to 4 trap stations), RMON (Group 1,2,3,9) for in-band management. Local RS-232 connector for out-band management.

Management Security

The maximum management session up to four, and support management Host IP secure feature to prevent unauthorized remotelogin


MIB-II, Bridge MIB, Ethernet-like-MIB, VLAN MIB, IGMP MIB, Private MIB


Windows based NMS (Network Management System) –Korenix NMS and Korenix View for device discovery and topology map auto construct

Network Time Protocol

NTP with daylight saving and localize time sync function

Management IP Security

Predefined Host IP address for management host loginsecurity

E-mail Warning

4 Receipt E-mail accounts with E-mail server authentication

System Event Log

2 Event log record modes- Local and remote Log Server with authentication

Network Performance

Port Configuration

Port link Speed, Link mode, current status and enable/disable

Port Trunk

IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and Static port trunk; trunk member up to 8 ports in one group, maximum 5 trunk groups


IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN with 256 VLAN Entries and provides 2K GVRP entries; 3 VLAN link modes- Trunk mode, Hybrid mode and Link access mode

Private VLAN

The Private VLAN is special for group uplink access with independent port security. With the private VLAN function, each VLAN community is isolated and only exchange by high level device with primary VLAN community

IEEE 802.1Q QinQ

Supports Double VLAN tag for VLAN isolation and security

IEEE 802.1p

The Ethernet Switch MAC controller supports IEEE 802.1p Class of Service function; Per interface with 4 queues

IGMP Snooping

IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3 for multicast filtering and IGMP Query mode; also support unknown multicasting process forwarding policies- drop, flooding and forward to router port

Rate Control

Ingress/Egress filtering for broadcast, multicast, unknown DA or all packets

Port Mirroring

On-line traffic monitoring on multiple selectedports


System supports DHCP Client function for dynamic IP address obtain from DHCP Server, and the Switch also support DHCP Server function with DHCP Relay Agent to forward DHCP request through specified forwarding path. The DHCP Server also offer port based DHCP Server function with predefined IP address or perform MAC&IP address binding function

IEEE 802.1x/ Port Security

Port based network access control, and authenticated by localize pre-defined MAC address or remote RADIUS Server

Power over Ethernet

IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, End-Span wiring architecture

PoE operating mode

Auto Mode: IEEE 802.3af/at behaviors with IEEE802.3af 1-Event and IEEE 802.3at 2-Event classification for standard PD

Forced Mode: User configured Power consumption budget control with IEEE802.3 PoE

/PD detection, or forced without PD detection

PoE forwarding conductor

RJ-45: V+(3,6), V- (1,2)

Power forwarding capability

PoE Port: 15W/IEEE 802.3af, 30W/IEEE 802.3at, 35W /IEEE 802.3at with high power voltage input

PoE System Power Budget: 240W at 75°C Ambient temperature

PoE System Power Budget

Power Budget Reserve by PD declaration. The power budget control system will reserve power for connected PD device, once latest PD device (PoE 8) claimed power over the system surplus power, then the latest PoE will be disabled

System Power Budget: 240Watts / 54V for High Power PoE Input Voltage

Network Redundancy

Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM)

New generation Korenix Ring Redundancy Technology, Includes Rapid Super Ring, Rapid Dual Homing, TrunkRingTM, MultiRingTM , Super ChainTM and backward compatible with Legacy Super RingTM

Rapid Dual Homing (RDHTM )

Multiple uplink paths to one or multiple upper Switch, up to 256 Groups RDHTM Peer protection


Integrate port aggregate function in ring path to get higher throughput ring architecture


Supports redundant ring up to 5 Gigabit rings in onedevice

Super Chain

It is new ring technology with flexible and scalability, compatibility, and easy configurable. The ring includes 2 types of node Switch – Border Switch and Member Switch

Rapid Spanning Tree

IEEE 802.1D-2004 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol; it compatible with Legacy Spanning Tree and IEEE 802.1w

Multiple Spanning Tree

IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree, each MSTP instance can include one or more VLANs, and also supports multiple RSTP deployed in a VLAN or multipleVLANs

ITU-T G.8032 ERPS * Note-1

Support ITU-T G.8032 ERPS V1 single ring topology, and ERPS v2 multiple rings with ladder topology

Cyber Security *Note-2

The Cyber Security function includes- DHCP Snooping protection, Dynamic ARP inspect protection, IP Source Guard (IPSG), Distribute Denial-of-Service (DDoS), IEEE 802.1x MAB for non-IEEE 802.1x compliant device.

Industrial Protocol

Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP

Routing Protocols

IP Routing

Supports Default Static and Dynamic Route

Virtual LAN Routing

Incorporate both of IEEE802.1Q Bridge and RoutingFunction

Routing Information Protocol

Hop-Based IP Routing with RIPv1 and RIPv2


Multicast Group Management Protocol support IGMPv1,v2

Multicast Routing

128 IP Multicast Routing entries


Short of Virtual Route Redundancy Protocol, Automatically Backup Routing route to specified router


Link State based IP routing protocol support OSPFv1 and OSPFv2


Enclosure port

1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port (#1~#8): 8 x RJ-45 Connectors with IEEE 802.3at PSE function

SFP port (#9,#10): supports 1000Mbps Fiber Transceiver with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) for optical fiber quality inspection. The SFP connection with high priority than RJ- 45 copper.

Power input: 4-Pin Removable Terminal Block Connector Digital Input: Semi Digital Input (Low: 0~10V, High:11~30V)

Digital Output: Dry Relay Output with Normal Open operating mode with DC 24V/0.5A contact capability

Reset Button

System hardware reset


100Base-TX: 2 pairs STP Cat.5e/Cat.6 cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (length:100Meters) 1000Base-T: 4 pairs STP Cat. 5e/Cat.6 cable, EIA/TIA-568B 100-ohm (length:100Meters) Power Cable: Recommended uses 18AWG electrical power cable with UL certification for the high power PoE application

Diagnostic LEDs

1000Mbps RJ-45 port: Link (Green on)/Acrivity (Green Blinking),Speed 1000 (Amber on) PoE: PoE forwarding (Amber on), PoE abnormal or detection(Blinking)

1000Mps SFP: Link/Activity (Green on, Green Blinking), Speed 1000 (Amber on) Power: Power on (Green on)

Alm: Alarm(Red on) Sys: Ready (Green on)

R.S: Green on (Ring Normal)/Blinking (wrong ring port connective), Amber on (Ring abnormal)/Blinking (ring port failed)

D.I.: Digital Input (Green on) D.O.: Dry Relay Output (Red on)

Power Requirements

System Power Input

IEEE 802.3at 30W PoE application: DC 50~57V IEEE 802.3af 15.4W PoE application: DC 46~57V

Power Consumption

DC 48V: 14.5W (without PoE loading) DC 53V: 15 W (without PoE loading) DC 57V: 15.4W (without PoE loading)



EN50022 DIN Rail Mount


108mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 136mm (D)–with mounting ears 108mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 127mm (D)-without mounting ears

Material Housing

Steel Metal with Aluminum Housing

Ingress Protection



Operating temperature

-40~75°C: 240Watts with PoE full loading

Operating humidity

0%~95%, non-condensing

Storage Temperature



Power- Chassis GND/Housing: AC 1.2KV/ DC 2.25KV RJ-45 – Chassis GND/Housing: AC 1.2KV/ DC 2.25KV

Regulatory Approvals

Railway Application

Rolling Stock Track Side EN50121-4


EMI: IEC/EN61000-6-2, Compliance with EN50121-1/-4 , CE class A, FCC sub part-15 class-A

EMS: IEC/EN61000-6-4, Compliance with EN50121-1/-4, EN61000-4-2/-4-3/-4-4/-4-5/-4- 6/-4-8/-4-9

Vibration & Shock

Compliance with IEC 61373


  • Note-1: ITU-T ERPS V2 (Supporting in FW 0)

  • Note-2: Cyber Security (Supporting in FW 0)

JetNet 7310G Industrial 10 ports Gigabit Managed PoE Switch, 240W PoE, -40~75°C